Young Businesswoman

Benefits & Perks

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Employee Discount

You are subject to a 15% employee discount that cannot be used towards your Voluntary Sales Commission. This means, if you are using your Employee Discount for a product, it cannot be counted on a measuring scale towards your Voluntary Sales Commission.


Travel, Company Holidays
and Vacation

You are subject to a certain amount of paid days off annually. Please confirm by checking your contract or contacting HR.


Voluntary Sales Commission

This is a performance-based bonus and is determined by the total sales you have made. 
For example, our first book Places To See In Nigeria: Book One retails at N9,700. For every 10 copies (N97,000) sold directly by you (this is to explicitly note that the customer is a direct order of your sales pitch), you receive 5% of the sales.
This commission model also works across all other products we will be selling on our platform; These include other books to be released, phone cases, puzzles, clothing, apparel etc. The target sales number will depend on the item.